Pegasus is a professional Samsung cell phone service device. It can unlock Samsung phones, read and write firmware, reset/read codes. With Pegasus you can easily restore IMEI; fix serial number, repair dead phones, repair software problems (blinking phone, no signal, phone restricted etc.). Pegasus can work with up to 256 phones simultaneously.

Pegasus software works with virtual COM ports created by Pegasus box or any other box communicating through FTDI chip or an original USB cable (Agere, Qualcomm chipset only).

Pegasus uses a "single-file" flashing protocol, developed for easy software operation. It works with a *.PGS firmware type, which is a container that combines all flash memory parts (main+file system) into a single file. These files are encrypted and signed for use with your box only, while being downloaded from the support area. Each box goes with 12 months free flash files support at Boot-Loader v2.0 with 20 GB downloads limit.

General Features

  1. Multitasking. Pegasus works with up to 256 phones at the same time.
  2. Work with any communication interface that creates a virtual COM port or UFS-like devices.
  3. High communication speed (468/912).
  4. User friendly intuitive interface.
  5. Models are sorted in alphabetic order.
  6. Easy smart-card activation and further automatic updates without additional reg-files or activation strings.
  7. Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatibility.
  8. Additional modules activation without any hardware changes or additional equipment.
  9. Platform independent single-file firmware system.
  10. Reading all lock codes.
  11. Direct unlock.
  12. Phone relock.
  13. Correct File System flashing for all phones and platforms.
  14. Correct work with Dual SIM-cards phones.
  15. IMEI Rebuild.
  16. Custom Bluetooth address writing.
  18. Any software errors repair.
  19. Access to Boot-Loader v2.0 - the richest firmware repository.
  20. Responsive and professional support team.