Pegasus Software Overview

Pegasus Software Main Window

Pegasus Box Manufacturer Button The “MANUFACTURER” button is used to select a phone manufacturer. The only supported manufacturer at the moment is Samsung.
Pegasus Box Phone Model MenuThe “PHONE MODEL” drop-down list is used for a phone model selection.

Attention! Always select a phone model according to the firmware version of your phone. In most cases the only way to determine modifications is to check phone firmware. To do so, please dial *#1234# on the phone keypad.

Hint! Alternatively phone model can be selected manually (by typing phone model in the Active window from the keyboard). New Module can be created by pressing “Enter” key.

Pegasus Box Create Module Button The “CREATE MODULE” button is used to create a Pegasus software module according to the chosen phone manufacturer. Pegasus software supports simultaneous operation with as many COM ports as you have boxes or phones in USB mode connected to your PC. Each module works with only one phone at a time.

Pegasus Box Take Screenshot ButtonThe “TAKE SCREENSHOT” button is used to take screenshots of Pegasus software current status. They are saved in the “Screenshots” subfolder, of the Pegasus installation folder. Files are automatically named as “Screenshot dd.mm.yyyy. hh-mm-ss.jpg”. You may use this button to save log information and send it to Support Team if you encounter any technical problems.

Pegasus Box Exit Button The “Exit” button closes all open modules and the Pegasus software.

Warning! This will instantly terminate all operations ! Make sure that no phone is being flashed at the moment!

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