Rebuild IMEI

1. Start Pegasus software.

Pegasus Software - Main Window

2. Choose the required phone brand and model from a drop-down list.

Pegasus Software - Selecting a Model

3. Create a new module with the selected phone model

Pegasus Software - Creating a New Module

4. Select the COM Port that your phone is connected to

Pegasus Software - Selecting a COM Port

5. Click the “CONNECT” button to prepare phone for servicing operations and connect it to the Pegasus software.

Pegasus Software  - Preparing for Servicing Operations

6. Service operations require Internet connection for the smart-card authorization on server. After a successful authorization you will see a window. At this point you have to press the “Power On” button on a phone keypad. Make sure that your phone is connected via cable.

Pegasus Software - Connecting a Phone

7. After connecting the phone user can see the phone firmware version, IMEI, BT address, state of locks, lock codes etc. in a log window.

Pegasus Software -

8. Type the Required IMEI number in the IMEI field and click the “Rebuild IMEI” button

Pegasus Software - Entering IMEI

9. Software connects to the server and Rebuild IMEI procedure starts

Pegasus Software - Rebuild IMEI Procedure

Pegasus Software - Rebuild IMEI Procedure

10. The Rebuild IMEI procedure lasts for 2 seconds

Pegasus Software - Completing the Rebuild IMEI Procedure

11. After the procedure is completed, click the “Disconnect phone” button

Pegasus Software - Disconnecting a Phone

12. This concludes the Rebuild IMEI procedure.

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