Service Mode Explanation

Pegasus Box Help Button The “HELP” button is used to open Help file for the Pegasus software.

Pegasus Box Copy Button The “COPY TO CLIPBOARD” button copies all available info from the log file to Windows clipboard. It allows you to copy all required information to any *.txt file or messenger window.

Pegasus Box Save To Log Button The “SAVE LOG TO FILE” button is used to save operation logs of the Pegasus software to *.txt files. Log files are saved in the “LOGS” subfolder of the Pegasus installation folder. Files are automatically named as “Brandname dd.mm.yyyy. hh_mm_ss.log”. You may use this button to save the log information and send it to the Support Team if you encounter any technical problems.

Pegasus Box Clear Log Button The “CLEAR LOG” button erases all data from the log window.

Pegasus Box Close Module Button The “CLOSE MODULE WINDOW” button closes active module window. Please note that all active procedures will be terminated if the module closes.

Pegasus Box Com Port Menu The “COM PORT” drop-down list is used to select an operation port. Pegasus software communicates through any interface that can create a virtual COM port on a PC. Native COM1 and USB operation is also supported.

Pegasus Box Baudrate Menu The “BAUDRATE” drop-down menu is used to select operation speed. The higher speed is selected, the faster will the flashing procedure be.

Pegasus Software Module Window Example

Pegasus Box IMEI ButtonThe “IMEI” button reads IMEI number of the phone. It is an active window.

Pegasus Box Serial Number Button The “SN” button reads serial number of the handset. It is an active window.

Pegasus Box Connect to Phone Button The “CONNECT TO PHONE” button is used to start boot sequence and put the phone into the appropriate mode for servicing operations.

Pegasus Box Switch to Slave Button The “Switch to Slave” button switches between Master and Slave phone modes. This option is active for DUOS handsets, only.

Pegasus Box Rebuild IMEI Button The “Rebuild IMEI” button is used to restore IMEI numbers. In order to Rebuild IMEI, type the required IMEI number in the Active IMEI field and press the button. If the “Rebuild IMEI” button is disabled it can be activated by the Ctrl+I key combination.

Pegasus Box Unlock Phone ButtonThe “UNOCK PHONE” button is used to unlock the connected phone. Please note that COM port and phone model have to match connected handset.

Pegasus Box Factory Reset ButtonThe “FACTORY RESET” button resets phone settings to the defaults that were set to the phone at the factory.

Pegasus Box Repair Empty Board ButtonThe “REPAIR EMPTY BOARD” button is used to repair “illegal trial” error, IMEI 00000000000000 that can’t be repaired in a usual way etc. You should type handset serial number in the input field. You can get serial number from the factory sticker. Example on image below:

Phone Serial Number Sticker

Pegasus Box Relock Phone ButtonThe “RELOCK PHONE” button will lock your phone for the next inserted SIM card.

Pegasus Box Close Module WindowThe “CLOSE MODULE WINDOW” button closes active module window. Please note that all active procedures will be terminated.

Pegasus Box Switch to Flash MenuThe “SWITCH TO FLASH MENU” button puts the software into a flash mode and readies to flash the handset with the particular flash files. Flash files can be downloaded from https://www.boot-loader.com


Pegasus Box Open Flash Image ButtonThe “OPEN FLASH IMAGE” button allows selecting a particular flash file that is meant to be used for the flashing purposes.

  • “CLA” files contain a main firmware version of a handset.
  • “TFS“files contain all the multimedia content of a handset, such as mp3, pictures, videos etc.
  • “CSC” files contain languages, phone’s menu languages and keyboard input languages.

Pegasus Box Write Flash ButtonThe “WRITE FLASH” button starts the flashing procedure. Before flashing, mark the file parts that should be written. Gray (inactive) checkboxes mean that flash image does not contain corresponding flash parts. It is recommended to flash all flash parts to avoid handset software malfunction.

Pegasus Box Read Flash Button The “READ FLASH” button is used to dump handset flash memory into a .FLB file. This file format is used for debugging procedures. Please don’t send us backup files each time you have a problem, use this function upon our request only.

Pegasus Box Erase Flash Button The “ERASE FLASH” button is used to erase firmware of a phone, including user data.

Pegasus Box Read Codes ButtonThe ”Read Codes” button is used for reading unlock codes from the pnx490x based phone models in the flash mode.

Pegasus Box Close Module Window ButtonThe “CLOSE MODULE WINDOW” closes the module window.

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