Pegasus Box v1.2.8

26.09.2012 17:05:39

Pegasus Box v1.2.8 released!

Great news for Pegasus Box users! We have added support for more Samsung models. All unlocking procedures were thoroughly tested by our technical experts. We follow all the market trends and our methods are 100% operational. Pegasus Box provides only real solutions for Samsung phone servicing!

Pegasus Box v1.2.8 Release Notes:

  • Improved T989/I717/I727 unlock for ICS versions
  • Fixed the bug with C414 unlock
  • Added I747/I747M Direct Unlock (Thanks to Mr. darltech)
  • Added T999/T999V Direct Unlock (Thanks to Mr. cykada)
  • Added SC05D Direct Unlock
  • Added SC06D Direct Unlock
  • Added I577 Direct Unlock

Download Pegasus Box v1.2.8